Meal at Subway

Subway has some of the best sandwiches around for a good price.

I recently went to Subway, 13901 US-29, Chatham, at 4 PM.

After I arrived, I waited in line for about five minutes as the employee made another customer’s sub, and the other crew member was working at the cash register.

The employee was very pleasant and made my food exactly how I wanted it.

I ordered a 6 inch meatball sub on Italian herbs and cheese bread with American cheese with extra sweet onion sauce along with a bag of Lay’s potato chips. I ordered lemonade which was absolutely delicious.

My meal was reasonably priced; I spent about seven dollars in all. The food was tasty and portions were generous.

Subway offers a variety of foods including subs, pizza, and salads.

I rate Subway 5 stars out of 5. The food was great, it was made to my requests, and the employees were polite and friendly.

I highly suggest taking a trip to Subway for a delicious sandwich.