My Car Experience

Like many guys, I love cars.

However, it can be difficult to find a vehicle that suits me, so I attend car “meets” to see what’s new. Car meets are impromptu gatherings of people who like to talk cars.

As  a car guy, I like driving, racing, meets, and car modification (modding). Since becoming a driver, I have gotten involved in car meets and have attended a few street races in the Danville area.  These events can be fun and a good social experience, and they provide the opportunity to make new friends.

The Danville car scene isn’t the biggest, but neither is Danville itself. Vehicle lovers can be split into two categories: car people and truck people. The difference in between them is self-explanatory, but the biggest difference is the style and the people. While the car people usually build up the car for performance and stay to themselves, the truck people build their trucks to look pretty and they like to show off.

A problem that can result from these impromptu meets is cops. People with illegal car modifications or the crowd being a general disturbance can attract negative attention. The car people tend to cause issues from illegal modifications or even street racing. The people with trucks like to show off with loud exhausts and doing burnouts in public spaces.

At a car meet, I have seen different exhaust styles, different paint jobs, engines, and I have seen new cars that I am interested in down the road.

I can’t afford many modifications right now, as a student, but I find these meets invaluable for planning what I want in the future.