My Chemical Romance Reunion

My Chemical Romance, a rock band, will make reunion after a six year hiatus.

The band returns to music with a reunion perf0rmance Dec. 20 at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles, CA.

The bands reunion has been anticipated since they broke up in 2013. Back in 2016 fans got excited about a possible reunion, but they actually just celebrated the 10 year anniversary of their most popular album, Welcome to the Black Parade.

The band will tour in 2020. The tour schedule is Los Angeles, California; Melbourne and Sydney, Australia; Auckland, New Zealand; and will end their tour in Tokyo, Japan.

Tickets are selling out quickly. The LA concert sold out two months before the concert.

Several CHS students have been fans since middle school and are excited about a reunion tour.

“It’s been a long time since we heard anything new from this band; it’s nice to see them getting together after such a long time,” said Jacob Martin, senior.

“It’s very exciting for them to be back together. I would definitely go see them in concert if I could tickets,” said Elizabeth Triggs, senior.

“They made a teaser reunion about three years ago, but it was false; it’s good that they are finally actually doing it,” said Lindsey Stafford, senior.