“Terraria” Celebrates Its Soon to Come Final Update

Terraria will release its final update soon, officially bringing the game to a close and ending the addition of new content.

The final update, titled “Journey’s End,” will be the fourth major update to the game. As usual, it will bring a massive amount of new items, enemies, and bosses.

For those unfamiliar, Terraria is an adventure sandbox 2D game, where you explore the world and defeat enemies and bosses. There is an insane amount of things to do in this game.

The upcoming “kite” item as seen in-game. Source: Rock Paper Shotgun

And with the “Journey’s End” update, we’ll have even more things to do. Currently, there are 350 enemies, over 3,000 items, and thirty-two bosses.

The “Journey’s End” update should be releasing either this month or this December, and bring a massive amount of new content for us to enjoy.

So what does this mean for the future of Terraria? Well, this is going to be the last big content update, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few more bug fixes be released.

There was talk about a Terraria 2 being worked on titled Terraria: Otherworld, however it was cancelled after three years of development.

Terraria is one of the best adventure games out there. It does have the downside of starting very slow, but once you start fighting more enemies and getting some good supplies, the game becomes incredibly fun.

There is plenty you can do in this game, and there are so many bosses you can fight, that you almost always have a goal.

Cavalier Chronicles gives Terraria a 9/10.