Frozen 2

The movie Frozen 2 debuted in theaters on Thurs., Nov. 21.

Disney has not revealed details of the plot yet; however, the main characters, Elsa, Anna, Kirstoo, Olaf, and Sven,  embark on another adventure outside the fictional kingdom of Arendelle.

So far the critic reviews praised the animation and plot of the film.

Rotten Tomatoes rated the film with an 83%.

Metacritic rated the film with a 67%. IMDb rated the film with a 6.7/10.

“The best things about the first film- the characters and music- once again sing in frequently dazzling if narratively flawed sequel that’s better at being sensory than sense-making,” said Ben Travis from Empire. 

Frozen 2, the follow-up hit 2013 film, is even better than the first, with dazzling animation and a more mature and tuneful score. Call it ‘The Icicle Strikes Back.’ ” said Johnny Oleksinski from New York Post.

“I saw  the film last night in Danville Stadium Theatre. The sound track is very good. The story line was incredible. I recommend it to anyone who likes Disney movies,” said Beth Triggs, senior.