Play Performance at CHS

The CHS Drama Club will perform Mustardseed Fri., Nov. 22 in the auditorium, during fourth block.

Mustardseed is a play based on the fairies’ activities backstage during the production of Shakespeare’s play, Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Mayghan Presley, Camryn Witt, Hasmeet Kour, and Alyssa Nelson will dress up as fairies in full makeup with heavy makeup, flowy skirts, wings.

This will be the first dramatic performance in a while at CHS, and all students and staff  are invited to attend.

The drama club staff wants to show the school what they can do and how hard they have worked on this play.

Hasmeet Kour, actor, said, “I want underclassman to be inspired to want to be in drama club and get to be part of the cast and crew family.”

The backstage manager, Tiffany Kistler, is excited to show off the hard work of the past three months. She said, “Performing in front of the whole school will be terrifying but interesting; we get to show students what it’s like to be in the acting business.”