Mayflower: It’s Worth Going for Mexican Food

Mayflower is a great seafood restaurant at 1641 Freeway Dr., Reidsville, NC.

I recommend going. I went Sun., Nov 17, around 12 PM.

My waitress did a fantastic job. She replenished my drink frequently. She had a positive and welcoming attitude.

Despite being in a seafood restaurant, I ordered the arroz con pollo (ACP) and it was surprisingly very good! The chicken was cooked perfectly and was well seasoned. The rice was cooked very well and the melted queso cheese on top was phenomenal.

The prices are amazing. I only spent $10 on my food, and I had left-overs afterwards.

The decor was mediocre. Their wasn’t anything special about it. But everything was clean and organized.

I would give Mayflower a 4.8 out of 5. The deduction was for the decor.

Mayflower is definitely a restaurant you’ll want to visit.