Creepy Gifts Hidden in Video Games

Christmas is almost here, and video games love to “gift” us with creepy, hidden surprises, so let’s look at the best secrets in video games.

For those unfamiliar with the secrets video games can hold, many video games have hidden features in them. These secrets can be randomly stumbled across or require steps to unlock, and that is what we’ll be looking at in this list.

The Sonic franchise has always had plenty of secrets, but one has always stood out among the others: the Sonic CD hidden message. This wonderful surprise can be accessed by inputting certain numbers in the sound test screen.

The image that appears in Sonic CD that says “Fun is Infinite with Sega Enterprises”


After that, a screen pops up with the words, “Fun is Infinite with Sega Enterprises,” in Japanese. Behind that, a picture of a bunch of smiling sonics is there, while an incredibly creepy song plays.

Silent Hill is known for how creepy it is, but there is a particular secret event that occurs in the fourth game. At some point in the game, you can look into a girl’s room through a hole in the wall. You can see her walking around, and there’s a stuffed bunny on her bed looking down.

After peeping through the hole a few times, the bunny will change position and stare at you. It is very unsettling to see.

One of the pictures seen on the Gameboy Camera

One of the most infamous ways that a game has surprised us is the way that the Gameboy Camera did. While using the camera, you have several options. One of them is titled, “Run.”

This button seems to serve no purpose, and when pressed, an incredibly creepy picture pops up. Not much is known as to why this is in the game.

Grand Theft Auto has always been big on hidden features, and Grand Theft Auto V has one in particular that is very intriguing; there is a spot on Mount Gordo that has a creepy story to it.

If you visit this spot at 23:00 (11 P.M.) and, using a sniper rifle, zoom into a cliff southeast from where you’re at, you can see a ghost lady floating there. If you approach her, she disappears.

Where she’s standing, there’s the name, “Jock,” drawn in blood. The story goes that this woman was about to ruin Jock Cranley’s, a politician, career, but mysteriously died just before she came out.

The Evil Within has been a staple in horror games, and it, of course, has some surprises of its own. If you try to get a drink from a certain drink machine, you’re gifted by a demon baby crawling out and attacking you.

We’re not going to say which drink machine it is, as drink and vending machines play a big part in the game, and we don’t want to spoil the surprise for you. So, be careful the next time you find one of those machines and want some gel or power-ups.

Our last selection is the hidden aliens inĀ Outlaws, a much older computer game than some of the others on this list. If you break a hole into a small out house on the edge of the map, you will find the entrance to a cave.

Once you find the end of the cave, you can see a little window into a room where two aliens are cooking a cow. It’s a bit creepy when you first come across it, but it can give you a good laugh as well.

There are plenty more creepy surprises lurking in video games, check them out for yourself.