Movie Review- Knives Out

Knives Out, a film that came out on November 27, is a murder mystery.

The film features Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, and other celebrities. Rian Johnson directed this whodunit, which is about the suspicious death of a crime novelist after his 85th birthday.

The movie started with the nurse, Marta, finding the novelist dead on a couch. The police were called because his death was unattended. The detectives talk to each family member, and they all have different accounts of the night. The private investigator, who is played by Daniel Craig, has Marta to help him. Marta believes that she killed him, so it is funny to see her trying to keep herself innocent.

The plot was full of twists which made it amazing, from the storytelling to the acting.

I give this movie 5/5 stars.