Senior spotlight: Kali Logan

Kali Logan, a 17-year-old cheerleader at CHS, is finishing up her first semester as a senior at Chatham High School.

“Being a senior is amazing because after this year, I don’t have to come back to high school,” she said. Kali expects a lot from her senior year, ” I expect to take college trips and more fun senior activities.”

Kali’s overall favorite teacher has been Mr. Whitt Farr, English department chair. “We got along really well throughout my years at Chatham High.”

Her favorite moments in high school have been the pep rallies, ” I always enjoy myself and have a good time with my friends and classmates.”

After high school Kali plans to attend college;  she is undecided between Old Dominion University and Averett University,  “I am not quite sure what college I want to attend, but I definitely plan to attend. I plan to major in nursing and minor in psychology.”

Kali’s advice to all underclassman is, “Focus on your academics, but also take the time to enjoy yourself.”