Cheap Christmas Dates

Christmas is an expensive time of the year, but you can watch your dollars and still have a great time with a special person.


  • Bake some Christmas cookies: supplies can cost between just $4-$5;
  • See Christmas lights: free to $10 per person;
  • Make hot chocolate and watch Christmas movies: free if your parents have the ingredients in the house;
  • Decorate Christmas tree: free if you use what’s already at home;
  • Ice skating: $10 to $ 15 per person, plus gas money to get to the destination;
  • Make a gingerbread house: approximately $8 for the ingredients; free if you get your parents to spring for a kit;
  • See a local christmas play: often free at a local church or up to around $10 per person;
  • Build a snowman : free if it’s snowing;
  • Go sledding: free if it’s snowing and you have a sled. Use a cookie sheet or garbage bag if you don’t have a sled.