Family Friendly Christmas Movies

It’s finally that time of year again: CHRISTMAS, time for the holiday spirit to spend happiness and kindness with family and friends.

How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2002) is a film about a devious Grinch who lives in a cave on the side of a mountain upon Whoville with his dog Max. He steals Christmas from Whoville but begins to find love in his heart after he saves Cindy and hears everyone in the town still celebrating Christmas yet not having anything but the town’s Christmas tree. He then returns the thing he stole and is then no longer so hateful. He is then invited to Christmas dinner and the towns people allowed him to carve the roast beast.

Cavalier Chronicles gives How the Grinch Stole Christmas a 5/5 stars.

A Christmas Story is a classic movie to watch this time of year. It’s about a young boy named Ralphie trying to convince his parent to get him a Red Ryder air rifle, but his parents are worried he will poke his eye out.

Cavalier Chronicles gives A Christmas Story a 4.8/5 stars.

Christmas With the Kranks is a movie about not taking things for granted. Luther and his wife Nora decided to go on a cruise because their daughter Blair is not there to celebrate Christmas this year while she’s with the Peace Corps in Peru. On Christmas Eve as they’re packing, Nora gets a call from Blair saying she’s coming home, and in a panic Nora says she’s going to have her annual Christmas so she had to get everything together but nothing was going the way they want it to.

After nothing could get done, Luther asked the neighbors for help because they love Blair. Later on she gets home, she doesn’t know what happened till Luther gave a speech. He got mad because he wasted his money on the cruise and went outside to Bev’s, the neighbor’s house. She was in remission for cancer but recently was told it’s back and worse. Bev and her husband, Walt know it’s there last Christmas together. Luther gets back in the holiday spirit to give them the cruise for them to have a good last Christmas together.

Cavalier Chronicles gives Christmas With the Kranks a 4.7/5 stars.

Gremlins is a classic dark comedy about a dad trying to get his son (Billy) a Christmas present and finds “Mogwai,” the owner, doesn’t want to sell it to him. As he walks away, the shop owner’s grandson secretly sells it to him but with one condition. “Do not expose him to bright lights/the sun because it will kill him; do give it contact with water, and never feed it after midnight. Then he gave it to Billy and named it Gizmo.

He accidently drops water on Gizmo and more Gremlins come out of him, and one of them, named Spike, has a few tricks up his sleeves. Spike changes Billy’s clock so he will feed them after midnight. The next morning all of them are in slimy cocons but Gizmo. The Gremlins try to kill Billy’s mom but she kills most of them. Spike then jumps in a pool to make more of himself; they all go around the town messing it up and end up at the movies watching snow white.

Spike goes across the street to get more candy while Billy and Kate blow up the theatre. They see him in there trying to make more of himself again and Gizmo is riding in a toy car that opens a skylight, melting Spike. The shop owner that had Gizmo comes by their house after they come back to get Gizmo. He says once Billy is prepared to take of him he can have him but till then he can visit.

Cavalier Chronicles gives Gremlins a 4.7/5

The Holiday Calendar is about a inspiring photographer (Abby) who’s best friend (Josh) comes back after a very long journey. Her Gramps gives her a antique Advent calendar that was her Gramps’s. Once December starts, the calendar doors start to open for the day that it is but what comes out is something that would happen. So when she got the tree, she was almost hit by one driving down the road when it fell off atop Ty’s car. They agree to go on a few dates and Josh gets jealous. They end up breaking up after Abby talks to two wise men at a soup kitchen and decides to break up with him because of what they said.

Then Abby takes pictures of the mayor at the tree lighting and gives the camera to Josh to look at the pictures while she talks to the mayor. Josh accidentally deleted the pictures, and they get in a big fight. Abby gets fired, and Josh gets her job. He quits the job because it wasn’t right and flew to Florida to see his parents. She gets a text from Josh on Christmas day saying to meet him at a old studio, so she goes. He buys the studio for them, and she gives him a old camera;  he goes to take a picture, and she says I love you. He returns it with the same and they share a kiss.

Cavalier Chronicles gives The Holiday Calendar a 4.7/5

Some honorable mentions are: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys (4.6), Home Alone 1 & 2 (4.6), The Princess Switch (4.6), The Christmas Chronicles (4.6), Elf (4.5), Polar Express (4.5), The Santa Clause 1, 2, & 3 (4.5), The Nightmare Before Christmas (4.5),

Jack Frost – 1979 (4.5), Santa Buddies/Santa Paws 2 (4.5), Jingle All the Way – 1996 (4.4), Barbie in the Nutcracker (4.4), An All Dogs Christmas Carol (4.4), Miracle On 34th Street (4.4), A Christmas Carol (4.4), The Grinch (4.2), Ernest Saves Christmas (4.2), Rise of the Guardians (4.1), White Christmas – 1954 (4), Jack Frost – 1998 (3.7)