‘Castle Rock’- Review

The second season of Castle Rock, which can be streamed on Hulu, ended on December 11. This anthology series is made of Stephen King’s novels.

The season is focused on Misery’s Annie Wilkes, years before the movie takes place.  Annie Wilkes moves around with her daughter, Joy, to multiple different places over the years. They end up in a little town called Salem’s Lot.

While Annie is struggling with her past, the original settlers from the 17th century is rising and subtly taking over everyone in the town. The original settlers take over the minds of the people in Salem’s Lot.

The settlers believed that an angel told them that they will take over the world, but it would take 400 years to complete. This is why they all come back in 2019. Multiple main characters became a part of their army.

With all of this, Annie Wilkes is only trying to save her daughter from them. Castle Rock shows Annie slightly becoming more violent over time, resulting in her fully turning into the woman she is in Misery. 

In the final episode, Annie and other locals destroy the settlers, then Annie and Joy move to Canada. Annie believes that Joy is one of the settlers, so she kills Joy. When Annie walks away, she finds out through a letter Joy wrote that Joy is not one of them.

Annie is very upset, but when Annie goes to a book signing, you see that Annie believes that Joy is alive and sitting beside her.

I give this season 4/5 stars.