Airsoft Games

Airsoft is a fun and honor-based game that can and does bring fun and good times.

Airsoft is a game/sport where people have guns that shoot little plastic BBs. The game has a large variety of players and gun types. Some players play with just get a cheap, spring-loaded gun and just wear regular clothes, whereas others will spend a fortune on military esc gear and supplies.

The reason for the military gear is for milsims (military simulations) where people get into big armies and do games that can last from hours to days. When it comes to guns,  the best thing to get as a starter would probably be a battery-powered gun.

The most important thing in this game is eye protection. Small, full-seal safety goggles work well; the BBs can take out or damage your eyes if you don’t protect them.

There are good airsoft fields everywhere. Usually admission prices are around $30. If you’re just going or a one-time game,  some places do have rental equipment.

The rules usually remain the same or are very similar in all fields. The main requirements are eye protection and to call it out when you’re hit. If you want to find a airsoft website for gear or guns the one to use would be since they have everything anyone would need to get into the sport.