Grand Theft Auto V New Casino Update

Grand Theft Auto V‘s newest update, “The Diamond Casino Heist,”  has officially been released and has brought a lot of new content to the game.

The update was released December 12, first on Playstation and then a few hours later on Xbox and PC. The new update brings several new vehicles, a new business, and a new heist.

Some of the new vehicles include your very own fire truck, a four-wheeler, two Formula 1 cars, and a new weaponized car.

We also see the addition of a brand new business: The Arcade. There are six locations to choose from, ranging from $1.235 million to $2.53 million dollars in prices. You can also renovate the Arcade and add cool designs for the walls and floors.

This leads us to the biggest addition of the update, the Casino Heist, which you unlock after buying and running an Arcade. This is the biggest heist we’ve ever seen. There are a bunch of different paths you can take to achieve this heist, but this can have a big impact of the payoff.

Most reports say that you get around $2.1 million from the heist, but it’s also said that the profit can drop as low as $600,000.

It takes some decent amount of work to set up the Arcade, as when you first buy it, it’s dirty and abandoned. Once you buy the Arcade, and go through the usual cutscene, you can go onto one of the laptops as a CEO/MC President/VIP and will be immediately be thrown into a mission.

From here, you begin your heist setup. This heist is very different from the other online heists in that it has different ways you can perform the heist, just like the story mode heists.

There are three main paths you can take: Stealth – where you can get the most time for completing the heist and sneak into the casino vault; The Direct Approach – where you wear disguises to get into the vault; and The Gig Con – where you attack the casino guns blazing.

After selecting the plan you’re going with, you can then select who you want on your crew and your equipment. Then you do the heist, and run off with the money.

It is nice to have a new heist to do, and a complex one at that. You also get to replay the heist, so you get to experience all the different routes.