Senior Spotlight- Elizabeth Triggs

Beth Triggs, an 18 years old, is just about to finish up her first semester of senior year at Chatham High School.

Beth is enjoying her senior year and is excited to be so close to graduation.

Beth says that high school was not challenging for her at all, “High school really was not complicated at all.”

She is expecting great things from her senior year, “I am expecting more fun activities and trips with the school this year for seniors.”

One major goal that Beth has is, ” I plan to finish strong with good grades.”

After high school Beth plans to attend Shepard University and study computer science.

High school went by at a good pace for Beth, she said, “It did not seem to go by too slow or too fast.”

Junior year was Beth’s favorite year of high school, “It was a very calm year and my classes were not hard.”

Beth’s advice towards underclassman is, “Study, pay attention, and most of all, listen to your teachers.”