DIY Valentine’s Day Countdown Heart Chain

Since Valentine’s day is right around the corner, countdown the time in a cute and affordable activity with that special someone.

All you will need are scissors, stapler, ruler, and color stock cards.

First, start by cutting the color cards into 16 even strips.

Second, set aside two colored strips for a bigger top heart, then you will cut the rest of the paper strips in half.

Third, then you will take two of the same colored strip, try your best to make them match evenly, then staple them at the bottom.

Fourth, with the strip you want to make a heart shape. With two more unstapled strips, put them in between the first heart before stapling.

Fifth, Staple all four of the strips making the first and the second.

Sixth, continue to follow the steps one through five and then staple all of them together to make a chain link.

To have fun with this you break a heart off everyday beginning of February first, make sure that you have fourteen hearts in the chain.