Top 10 Valentine’s Day Movies to Watch

Are you single and have nothing better to do on Valentine’s Day? Or do you and your partner just want to cuddle together and have a movie night? Well, look no further than here for ideas.

Here are top 10 movies to watch and enjoy with a box of chocolate and, quite possibly, tissues.

#10 – Pride and Prejudice 

This well-known retelling of the classic Jane Austin book that was made in 2005 and stars Keira Knightly and Matthew MacFayden is a good movie to watch by yourself or with your partner. Full of wit and humor, this movie will definitely keep you entertained. Rated PG.

#9 – Before Sunrise 

This movie made in 1995 and stars Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy is sure to be a film you might need tissues for. In this movie, you get to see that love can happen in a day and can quite possibly but lost in a day. Rated R for strong language.

#8 – La La Land 

This movie made in 2016 and stars Emma Stone and Richard Gosling is a perfect romantic comedy for any movie date night or just to enjoy on your own. With catchy songs and excellent choreography, it is sure to keep you entertained. Rated PG-13.

#7 – The Notebook 

This romantic classic made in 2004 and stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams is an iconic movie that is bond to have you in tears. If you have a love for heartfelt romance movies, this movie is just for you. Rated PG-13.

#6 – Romeo + Juliet 

This modern retelling of the classic Shakespearean play made in 1996 and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes is a classic movie to watch. What better way to spend Valentine’s Day then with the iconic romance story. Rated PG-13.

#5 – When Harry Met Sally 

This movie made in 1989 and stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan is a classic example of friends becoming lovers. If you enjoy watching two friends slowly falling for each other, then this movie is for you. Rated R.

#4 – Beginners 

This movie made in 2010 and stars Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, Melanie Laurent is a cute romance movie about two people who are scared of commitment. There’s nothing like watching two people overcome their fear together. Rated R.

#3 – Magic Mike

This movie made in 2012 and stars Channing Tatum and Cody Horn is about love in the club. It shows that you really can find love in the most unexpected places. Rated R.

#2 – Moonrise Kingdom 

This movie made in 2012 and stars Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward is about two preteens who fall in love but are forbidden to be together. A really sweet Romeo and Juliet story for all ages. Rated PG-13.

#1 – Valentine’s Day 

This movie made in 2010 and stars Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, and Bradley Cooper is a good movie to see on Valentine’s Day. What better way to enjoy the day than with a movie named after the holiday itself. Rated PG-13.


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