Drunk Driving Causes Deaths in Pittsylvania County

A  54-year-old Pittsylvania County woman is dead after her vehicle crashed recently in Pittsylvania County on Waterlocked Road.

Lisa Ann Evans of Danville was not wearing a seatbelt, and according the Virginia State Police, alcohol may  have been a factor in the deadly crash.

A passerby spotted the wrecked vehicle and reported it to authorities who think the crash happened an hour prior.

“Pittsylvania County tops our list of the most dangerous places in Virginia for drunk driving. Despite a relatively small population of just over 60,000 people, there are 60 drunk driving crashes annually. Each year, almost six of these crashes result in fatalities, and 36 result in injuries. According to andrewflusche.com, Pittsylvania County ranks as the highest drunk driving accidents per capita for the state of Virginia. The number is estimated at 900 events out of 100,000 residents. Over half of these accidents end in fatalities,” said the Andrew Flusche, attorney at law, website.

“Drunk driving is a big problem in Virginia. Thousands of alcohol-related crashes occur every year, and hundreds of people die as a result,” Idrivesafely.com says in an article about Virginia DUI laws

According to Idrivesafely.com, “The punishment varies depending on a variety of factors, including the blood- alcohol level (b.a.c.) and the number of offenses.Punishments include, but are not limited to: up to 12 months in jail, license suspension, classes on alcoholism, fines, etc.The legal limit is .08% or higher, which is the equivalent of four beers, excluding external factors.”

According to edgarsnyder.com, “About one fourth of fatal teen car accidents include alcohol, and an estimated 70% of those fatalities also involved a lack of seat belt usage.”

David Percario, a CHS Senior said, “I would drink and drive in the right scenario, such as on private property, or off- roading.”

A CHS senior, who chose to be anonymous, said, “Drunk driving has never affected me personally. However, I know people whom it has affected.”

Another anonymous CHS senior said “It [drunk driving] has given me anxiety because my significant other has driven under the influence multiple times.”

Kayden Lilly, a CHS Junior said, “Yes, I have been affected by drunk driving. We were almost killed by an intoxicated driver.”

Danielle Snead, a CHS Senior said, “No, I haven’t been affected by drunk driving. I think it’s stupid because if you can’t even walk there’s no need for you to get in a car and drive.”