Popular Piercings at CHS

Maddie Thompson

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Olivia Davis

Piercings are a popular trend at CHS.

Some students pierce their ears, noses, navels, and tongues in an effort to enhance their beauty, fit in, and for health reasons.

A surprising benefit of piercings are decreased migraines and reduced stress. Studies have shown that a daith piercing can actually stop migraines.

Most students get piercings because they think they are beautiful.

There are multiple students with different piercings.

Gabby Gunter said,  “I love my nose piercing; it helps me become more confident.”


Madison Rogers, who has double earring whole and cartilage piercing, said, “I’ve been getting piercings for years, I love them; I couldn’t live without them.”


Jazlyn Craft said of her industrial piercing of her cartilage, said,  “This is my favorite piercing; it is stylish, and I want more.”