Cavalier Minds Matter Positivity Rocks

Caleb Ford
Many students have participated in the rock painting event.

Cavalier Minds Matter allowed students to decorate smooth rocks with positivity messages recently in the CHS cafeteria.

Cavalier Minds Matter is a support group for any CHS students who feel alone or troubled. Mrs. Brandy Durham, Mrs. Karen Conner, and Mrs. Ginny Farthing are the teacher sponsors.

Mrs. Ginny Farthing, a Cavalier Minds Matter sponsor, said, “I’ve been aware for years that students need someone or someplace to decompress where people can come for support.”

The sponsors are very invested in the group and what it stands for. Mrs. Karen Conner, another Cavalier Minds Matter sponsor, said ” Teenage mental health is crucial and until we start being proactive it won’t get better. It is a real issue.”



Caleb Ford
This rock offers a reassuring message to never give up.


Anyone is welcome to the group. Meetings are held the first and third Mondays of every month for students. Mrs Durham, the third sponsor of Cavalier Minds Matter, said, “I felt that there was a need for students to have some extra support.”

Last week the students decorated rocks with positive pictures during the lunch periods.

Many students drew colorful landscapes, positive messages, or creative thoughts that came to mind.

The rocks will soon be scattered around the CHS campus for other students to find and keep for themselves, or to be placed somewhere else by the finder  for another student to find.