The Coronavirus is being Investigated in Virginia

Three patients in Northern Virginia are suspected of having the Coronavirus.

The three patients showed symptoms of the virus after travelling from China. Two of the three patients tested negative for the virus. The third patient that attends GMU test results are still being processed. said, “The patient is a GMU student who doesn’t live on campus. They are self-isolating themselves as they await their test results on the virus. While students that attend GMU are taking precautions by wearing masks and using proper hygiene.”

The Coronavirus originated in the megacity Wuhan, China, supposedly at a food market. It is rumored that the virus may have spread from bat and snake meat.

China is one of the most populous countries on Earth. Wuhan alone contains eleven million people.

Kiana Wright, a CHS Senior said, “I think that this situation is scary for the people in China. But, I don’t believe it will get as scary in America.”

There are six confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in America. The states affected are Washington, Illinois, California, and Arizona.

David Percario, a CHS Senior said, “America won’t be overrun by the Coronavirus. With the virus only having a 2% mortality rate, we’ll be fine.” said, “The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared the Coronavirus a global emergency. So far, 18 countries have 98 confirmed cases of the virus but no deaths.”