Chatham’s Band

Band and marching band is an extracurricular class students can take at Chatham High anytime during the school year.

Marching band is only one of the many extracurricular classes available at Chatham. Many kids take this class including a tenor saxophone player, Camryn Witt. Who also plays the baritone saxophone.

The band class consists of daily practice inside the classroom, practice after school, competitions, and assessments.

Joel Gonzalez, a CHS freshman, said, “I love the experience of band because I get to learn a new language on a stand.”

When class starts the schedule would look like a warm up of playing the students’ assigned instrument, then practicing the assigned music for their current assessments. This years music sheet includes the following songs: Hawkeye, Magic March, and Celtic Air and Dance.

“The band is very hard working when playing their music and they sound great,” said Jordan Dillard, a CHS senior, after hearing them play outside the classroom.

The class is taught by Mr. Earl Brooks. He also works at Chatham Middle School for their band.

“Along with being a class, band is a culture and community that adds to the school, whether its a field show, performance, or a football game. It adds to the community as much as it adds to the school,” said Mr. Earl Brooks.

A marching band competition is taken very seriously by it’s participants. It is held in a field with about three judges. They judge the visuals, marching, the sound, and the overall performance. If it is a concert, they focus on the performance and the conductor.

This years competition will be open to the public and held in Blacksburg during March. The dates have not been confirmed, but for more information visit Mr. Earl Brook’s room C102.

Uniform is required during any competition and is a part of the assessment. They wear their black pants, black shoes, and a marching band jacket.

“I have been in band for seven years. I have seen it begin, grow, and everything in between. It is my baby,” Camryn Witt said.