Fashion at CHS

February 6, 2020

CHS students are pros at dressing well on a tight budget.

Tiria Fitzgerald, a senior, shops at Old Navy, Journeys, and Target. She purchases some clothing at Goodwill and rarely spends more than $15 to $20 on her shopping sprees. Her style is to match  dresses with cardigans, leggings, and boots.

Lindsey Brookes, also a senior, shops at American Eagle, Marshalls, and Target; she frequents clearance section on occasion. She pairs tank tops with colorful cardigans, dark jeans, and Clarks.


Brianne Conner, a junior, shops at American Eagle and Hollister with an eye out for sales; she rarely pays full price. She tucks sweaters in with belts, pairing them with dark jeans when wearing light colors, and light-washed jeans when wearing dark colors. Most occasions she likes to accessorize with earrings, necklaces, and rain boots.

Ms. Jordan Dallas, a teacher, shops at Old Navy, Marshalls, and Belks. She looks for comfortable and casual work clothes and wears seasonal colors. She wears belled sleeved shirts and Toms shoes.

Asia Pearce, a junior, shops at JCPenneys, Vans, and Belks. She wears comfortable tees paired with Vans.

Daizhon Giggets, a sophmore, shops at Rue 21, It’s Fashion, and H+M. He wears colorful tees, plaid, and flannels.

Bryan Argueta, a sophmore, shops at American Eagle. He matches shoes with shirts and jackets.

Zae Edmunds, a senior, shops at Pacsun, Nike, and American Eagle.

Ryan Eanes, a senior, shops at Leggett Town and Country and Abercrombie & Fitch. He wears flannel shirts paired with jeans and cowboy boots.

Katie Snead, a junior, shops at Nike, Marshall’s, JC Penneys, and Target. She wears big sweatshirts layered with jean jackets, jeans, and Nike or Van shoes.

Ms. Veronica Correa, a teacher, shops at thrift stores in Richmond and Danville.  She wears button-up shirts paired with chino pants.

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