The Pod Restaurant Delivers Lunch to CHS

The Pod restaurant in Gretna offers lunch delivery to CHS teachers on Mondays.

The Pod is a relatively new restaurant located in Gretna.

The menu includes coffee from Callands Coffee, along with soups, salads, sandwiches and fresh pastries.

Several teachers have tried their delivery service. Mrs. Melissa Motley, English department, said “I really enjoyed the food. The service was fast, the food was a little on the higher side [price], but not outrageous. I thought the best part was being offered the choice to get a hot sandwich. The website was a little confusing but manageable.”

The Pod’s business hours are from 7 AM-7 PM. The full menu includes breakfast options like bagels, toast, honeybuns, and omelets all ranging in price from $2-$6. Sandwiches do not come with chips; those are purchased separately. All pastries and yogurt are $3. There is a choice between Greek yogurt, English muffins , and maple oatmeal.

Salads are also offered. They range in price from $6-$8. Salad choices are chopped salad, half of a chopped salad and soup, half of a spinach salad and soup. Sandwiches range from $7-$10 include turkey club with bacon,  pimento cheese, grilled chicken,and grilled cheese sandwiches.

The Pod offers specials which are apple fritter and chocolate cheesecake. There is also kids’ menu which includes one item:  the kids’ grilled cheese which is $5 and does not include a side.

Teachers who want Monday lunch deliver must visit the website and enter their choices before 9:30 AM.