Video Game Review: Quake

Quake is an important game to play for first person gaming.

Id Software first released Quake in mid-1996 onto many different gaming consoles like Super Nintendo and Sega Saturn. It was id software’s  first real attempt to forge ahead in a three-dimensional games development.

Quake was the  pioneer of the real first 3D game to be released to the public.

The logo of the developer, id Software.

The game’s plot takes place in a distant future where the player takes control of a character named Ranger, voiced by Trent Reznor. Ranger is tasked with locating and eliminating an enemy code-named “Quake”, who has compromised a government project.

During development, the creative designer rejected the original color palette for ironically being “too brown.” The result is a very dark and foreboding atmosphere which could fit a horror movie.

Image result for Quake1
The many different models for the creatures in Quake.

The player travels through Gothic and Lovecraftian inspired dungeons and castles along with science fiction military outposts. Ultimately they face the evil alien deity: Shub-Niggurath.

This game was the first three-dimensional, and it allowed vertical aiming. These advancements allowed players to experience a video game unlike any other. The enemy programming was also advanced, making it more difficult for the player to survive larger fights.

The game’s hardest difficulty was so unfair that it was even hidden from players who required specific knowledge of how to get to it.

One of the many environments in Quake, specifically one of the Lovecraftian inspired levels.

The game was critically acclaimed upon its original release, holding an average score of 94/100 on Metacritic.