716 Wing Stop in Danville

716 Wings is a new restaurant specializing in chicken wings 1055 Piney Forest Road, Danville.

The restaurant is eat-in or take-out; their are a few small tables only for people dining in. My grandmother and I were immediately pleasantly greeted and our order was taken quickly at the register. The employees were nice and respectful.

I ordered a five piece buffalo wing with a side of bacon cheese fries, and it was very delicious. The chicken and bacon were beautifully cooked. The chicken wings may be ordered in a variety of ways. All flats, all drums, a mixture of both; they come baked or fried, and there is a wide variety of flavors. My grandmother ordered a philly steak and cheese with French fries. She was very pleased with her meal.

The food was very pricey. Both meals cost a total of about $30 not including drinks. The portions were generous, and we had enough for another meal.

Overall, I give this new spot a 8 out of 10 downgraded only because of the prices. The restaurant was clean, the employees were efficient, and we were in and out in minutes. I highly recommend.