New York City Policemen Shot

Multiple New York City police were shot at by a gunman this past weekend.

The gunman’s name is Robert Williams. He admitted that his assault was a planned ambush on policemen. His grandmother admitted to the authorities that he had been depressed and very upset since his son died in a street shooting.

Robert had a previous criminal record in 2002. He was charged with carjacking, attempted murder, and participating in a gunfight with the police.

The police officer shootings happened within a 12 hour period. The first shooting was  Saturday night in the area of the 41st Precinct in the Bronx. Williams approached a van occupied by two police officers. Williams asked for directions and then pulled out his firearm. He shot one officer in the neck and missed the other one. The wounded officer was released from the hospital and came out to the cheers of a supportive crowd.

“I think that it is pretty messed up and I’m glad the police are okay,” said Jordan Dillard, a CHS senior.

The second shooting was on Sunday morning inside of the 41st Precinct in the Bronx. Williams  fired at the front desk. He shot a lieutenant in the arm and then went into the next room. He shot at and missed multiple officers and a civilian worker. He ran outside after he ran out of bullets; he laid down to be arrested.

“I think that this is the reason we should have stricter gun laws,” said Caleb Ford, a CHS senior. “Having fewer guns helps prevent issues like this. While people can still get them illegally, it still helps to have cautionary measures in place.”

There have been recent marches and rallies against excessive force by police in New York. Authorities believe these protests have formed an “anti-police environment.”

Many people have been aggravated towards the police all over the United States, including in the Chatham and Danville area.

“I think that power gets to some officer’s heads and they can become egotistical and sometimes unnecessarily violent. However, reciprocated violence is not the answer,” said Sally Haley, a CHS senior.