CHS Livestock Judging Team Wins State Championship

CHS’s livestock judging team recently won the state championship.

A team wins by winning at the different levels of  county, regional, and state.

The students judge by knowing the difference between a breeding and a marketing animal.

Four teams from different schools compete; as they move towards state convention  the teams decrease.

Mrs. Cassidy Shelton, agriculture teacher, said, “Livestock judging is more than learning about the animal and the basic parts of it. There is a lot of dedication from the students that makes coaching enjoyable.”

The team has 10 members and the top judges are Alette Kegerris, sophomore, Cody Scarce, sophomore, and Joey Williams, senior.

The CHS students have a love for animals and judging. Alette Kegerris said, “I love livestock judging because it makes me realize that there is more to an animal than how it looks, and Mrs. Shelton is a great coach.”

Joey Williams, agrees, and said, “I like livestock judging.”

The favorite part of judging is often the animals themselves. Cody Scarce said, “It [Livestock judging] is really fun, and I enjoy being around the animals and getting to know how the animal must look. I started getting into livestock judging in middle school, and I have stuck with it ever since.”

Christina Falls, sophomore, agrees, and she said “I really like it; I’ve always had a passion for livestock animals.”

Judging animals is entertainment but beneficial for the students’ futures. Rebecca Shields, freshman,  said,” It is a lot of fun and really cool how we get to be around a lot of animals. Mrs. Gregory inspired me to try it out.”

Mrs. Shelton said, “Livestock judging helps students with public speaking, and it helps them if they go into the agriculture field by preparing them to know what animals they need to buy.”