Weird Orders I Have Recieved At Work

I work at O’Kelly’s.  I meet a lot of people which means I have had my share of strange orders.

Order #1- Hot BBQ on a salad

This is by far the weirdest order I have ever received while working for O’Kelly’s. For those who don’t understand why this is strange, our BBQ is very hot and our salads are very cold. The hot BBQ make the lettuce turn brown and unappetizing.

Order #2- A BLT but with lettuce as the bread 

This one is weird but not as weird as the first one. The man who ordered the BLT like this claimed he did it because the bread is what makes the sandwich so “expensive.” It’s like $5 and the bread isn’t what makes it so “expensive.” The sandwich is still the same price regardless what you use as a substitute.

Order #3- A cup of shredded lettuce 

A woman in Martinsville made a call-in order for a cup of shredded lettuce. We don’t sell shredded lettuce, but we do sell a bed of lettuce that contains lettuce, tomatoes, and a scoop of chicken salad. I rang her up for that menu item.  She didn’t like the price and yelled at me, claiming the store in Martinsville always gave her a cup of lettuce for x amount. I don’t work in Martinsville, so I can’t confirm or deny what they do.

Order #4- Ham sandwich with ketchup 

This one might not be as weird to some people, but for me it was strange. We normally don’t have anyone ask for ketchup with anything because we don’t really have anything on our menu that requires ketchup. We still have ketchup but it’s still strange that someone would put it on ham.

These are just a few of the stories from my experience at O’Kelly’s so far. I’m sure there will be more to come the longer I work there.