ACE Team Beats Teachers!

The Ace team recently won a trivia match against teachers at CHS.

The Ace team and teachers match lasted three rounds. Mr. Brian Harold, ACE coach, math department, asked the trivia questions and gave 10 seconds for each answer. Mrs. Wendy Kapp, ACE coach, English, kept up with scores.

The match teams consisted of Betsabe Galindo, two year member; Ben Bowles, three year member;  Meredith Hughes, Ethan Farthing, Gabe Johnson, and Marge Hankins, all one year members, against Ms. Amanda Keith, math; Mrs. Rachel Corwin, English; Mrs. Rebecca Parson, science, all played the entire match. Also, Ms. Jovan Jones played in the first round, Ms. Rebecca Hodnett second, and Mrs. Karen Conner played third round.

The ACE team, an academic competitive scholastic team sanctioned by the Virginia High School league, has existed at CHS for many years.

All three rounds were scored the same. Players who buzzed in while the question was asked and got it wrong suffered a five point deduction to the team score, and the question was given to the other team to answer. If their answer was correct, 10 points were added to the score. If the team waited to answer after the question is completely asked and got it right, they got 10 points added; if answered incorrectly there was no deduction of points.

The first round was a toss-up round where the teams could not collaborate. At the end of that round, the score was teachers 55 and students 50.

The second round was a no buzz-in round where teams could collaborate. Each team was given two math questions and extra time to answer. Teachers won this round with 105 points and students lost with 90 points.

The third round was the same as the first with a toss-up round and students won with 155 points while teachers lost with 135 points.

The students like participating on the ACE team. Meredith Hughes, a first year member, said “Ace is a team building activity where you can better yourself with knowledge.”