Jobs Hiring Part Time

There are part time jobs available for teens in the Chatham and Danville areas. 

Dairy Queen 
$7-$8 per hour
Benefits- Flexible hours, easy access to schedule and days off requests, discounted meals, paid training
Requirements- Be friendly and helpful to all, meeting customers’ needs, maintain clean and safe work environment, communicate in positive matter

$7-$9 per hour
Benefits- Flexible hours, One-on-one and self-paced training, opportunities to gain experience in all departments
Requirements- lifting 25-50 lbs, standing for long periods of time, using headset to take orders, using general equipment, ability to perform specific tasks, being able to work in a fast-paced environment that may involve exposure to heat, cold, noise, and other elements

$12 per hour
Benefits- insurance, vacation days
Requirements- perform duties with or without reasonable accommodation, lifting up to 45 lbs, excellent communication skills, ability to sit, stand, or walk around for long periods of time

$2-$8 per hour
Benefits- Ask when retrieving application
Requirements- delivering food and drinks, greeting customers and assigning them tables, create upbeat, positive atmosphere, relay orders to kitchen staff, keep restaurant clean and organized, being able to stand and walk for long periods of time