Tanning Dangers

With CHS prom right around the corner, many teen girls are beginning to tan their skin in preparation for the big day.

However, the dangers of tanning never discriminate and can affect people at any time of the year with multiple levels of risk.

Studies have shown that whether you’re tanning outdoors under the sun or are frequenting tanning beds, potential dangers of tanning still outweigh the societal beauty standard.

Skin becomes damaged over time by constant sun exposure. Sunscreen is beneficial when it comes to keeping your skin youthful and healthy. Younger people should take into account that the sun and tanning beds will prematurely age your skin.

Kiana Wright a CHS senior said, “I think tanning is disgusting and really bad for your health. It makes people age prematurely and look like rusty pennies.”

Just because you don’t get a sunburn doesn’t mean that your skin still isn’t getting damaged. Even on cloudy days sunscreen should still be worn. UV exposure is just as bad as being out under the boiling sun.

According to familydoctor.org, “People who use tanning beds are at a much greater risk for developing skin cancer. In fact, some reports estimate that the risk increases by 75% for people who use a tanning bed before the age of 35.”

David Percario a CHS senior said, “I think too much tan makes people look like a piece of bacon. Although I don’t use sunscreen, I still don’t tan much.”

According to familydoctor.org, “Melanoma is one of the most common types of cancer among US adolescents and young adults, says the U.S. Department of Health & Health Services.”

Since having a tan complexion is on trend, many teens tan and ignore the health risks and tan outside and use tanning beds. Spray tanning has become the alternative to using the beds or sun bathing.

Although prolonged sun exposure can cause health risks to people of all ages, not getting enough Vitamin D can be detrimental to your health as well. Sun exposure allows the body to make and utitlize Vitamin D.

According to my.clevelandclinic.org, “Getting a good dose of vitamin D each day can prevent some cancers and contribute to bone strength. Having a vitamin D deficiency can cause muscle weakness, pain, constant fatigue, and depression.”

Getting out of the house everyday for just 20 mins and soaking in the sunlight could benefit your health in the long-run.

Other alternatives to going outside to get natural vitamin D can be taking daily supplements and incorporating certain foods into your diet. “Tuna, milk, orange juice, egg yolk, and Swiss cheese are just a few that can be in added in to your daily intake of food,” according to my.clevelandclinic.org.

If you want to have a beautiful tan for prom, consider a spray-on.