Prom Season

This year’s Chatham High School prom is set for Sat., April 18, at the Tuscarora Golf Club, Danville. 

The junior and senior classes may purchase tickets at $15 each. Freshman and sophomore students are allowed to attend as dates, but the upperclassmen must make the ticket purchase.

Dates invited from other schools or who have already graduated but who are under the age of 21 must fill out a permission form to be turned into the office for approval.  The administration or prom advisor will notify students when their out-of- CHS school dates are approved. 

Formal attire is required. According to the handbook, “Dress shoes are required; no tennis shoes or athletic footwear are allowed. Tuxedos, suits, or dress pants and jackets are required. Ties are required. No undergarments should be visible. If shirts are thin or semi-transparent, undershirts must be worn. Only top hats are allowed; no hats of any other type–cowboy hats, baseball caps, etc., may be worn in the building. Dress shirts must be worn at all times.”

Ladies must wear a dress that meets the dress code requirements found in the student handbook. “Dress shoes are required; no tennis shoes or athletic footwear are allowed. No undergarments should be visible. No low cut or revealing necklines. See-through apparel is not permitted. The back of the dress should provide sufficient coverage so as not to fall below the level of the navel when extended around the torso. Dresses or dress slits should be no shorter than four inches above the top of the knee. No bare midriff is allowed. Two piece dresses MUST overlap. 

Students whose attire does not comply and adhere to the standards will be refused entry.

If there are questions about the garments meeting the dress code, students are advised to bring a picture of the dress to get approval from the Mrs. Paige Echols before purchasing. 

Prom tickets are normally sold during lunch hours in the cafeteria.  Prom tickets will soon be available to buy during school hours.