Girls Basketball Tournaments

The girls basketball team was dropped from the regional tournament after their last playoff game recently.

The girls played Alleghany on Tues., Feb. 25, in the quarter finals. CHS won with a final score of 68-39. Nysheia Miller, sophomore, scored 24 points; Charity Wilson, junior, scored 22 points and had five steals; Quanadra Tunstall, sophomore, scored 15 points and 12 rebounds; Keslee Hylton, senior, scored 11 rebonds; Trinity Brooks, freshman, scored two points; Abby Totten, sophomore, scored two points.

The girls played against Martinsville on Thurs., Feb. 27, for the Region 2C Semi Final. The Cavaliers lost with a final score of 56-51. Chatham’s loss caused them to be dropped from the tournament. Quanadra Tunstall scored the first point during overtime and scored 19 points overall, and Charity Wilson scored 13 points.