Family Game Night Ideas

This cold weather has caused people to be stuck inside; why not pass the time with a family game night?Image result for family game night ideas

  1. Play a board game– There are a variety of board games out there from puzzles  to Monopoly. This is a good thing to if you want sit at the dinner table and enjoy each other’s company.
  2. Find a good card game– There are so many card games out there; find just the right one for your family. UNO is one of the more popular ones that my family loves. Card games also vary in difficulty; for example, young children enjoy Goldfish, but older ones may enjoy Spades. 
  3. Play a game console-  This a newer way to spend family time, but there are a lot of great games on these consoles. The mass variety of games and the types of games out there is amazing. They have physical activity games such as Just Dance, WII Sports, Kinect Adventures, and others. They also have games where you can play multiplayer and go against one another.

All three of these options can leave you with a memorable evening.