Entertainment Media: Altering History for Political Correctness

WARNING: This entertainment product may contain censorship, which most viewers may actually find suitable. 

As a gamer, I am highly agitated by the trend of entertainment media to censor images that may be controversial and offensive to some players. This censoring is designed to appeal exclusively to those sensitive players. It angers me because video games and movies are an art form and express a designer’s creativity; if their designs are censored, then is it really their art?

For example,  the most recent Doom movie is based on a game which is about the player (posing as a Space Marine) slaying demons. The director of the movie did not like the idea of demons, so he changed them to Mutants. This was censorship was an outcome of the director’s religious beliefs; he did not like demonic influence. I found this offensive because it did not portray the inventor’s original intent. If the director did not like the material, why did he agree to direct it in the first place?

The Wolfenstein franchise is a series of games set initially in World World II. The creator changed the outcome of the war to a victory by the Nazis. The time flashes forward to a new world in the 1960s and 1980s.  The game’s imagery has been highly censored to appeal to the tastes of modern minorities. That is, the “modern” Nazis are missing Swastika, the Heil, Hitler salute, and Hitler himself is completely absent. These changes are to make the game more appealing to modern players who can’t stomach the Nazi imagery.

The censorship perplexes me. I do not agree with the story’s building blocks being changed just so that no player is offended. Nazism is by nature offensive unless you are a white supremacist who are on the fringes of society anyway. There should be no censorship of  something historically accurate, especially for a video game that is supposed to be a fun and creative outlet. Groups who are offended by flags or symbols should not have more merit and say-so than purists.

Image result for wolfenstein the new order censorship comparison
A comparison between the censored and uncensored versions of Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

Video games often use satire, such as the protagonist, B.J., who is walking irony. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, yet, B.J. fights the Nazis, and the players do, too.  However,  the media and Social Justice Warriors (SJW) insist that anything remotely fascist or anti-semitic will entice people to join them, as if players of the games are that naive and gullible.


That’s not how that works.

Nazism and fascism and anti-semitism are not good things. Period. Just because symbols are used in an historically accurate way DOES NOT promote these beliefs.

The irony in these games is severe and rather disgusting. In the game World At War, the players can burn German soldiers as the Red Army and skewer people with bayonets. Murder and torture are not any more socially acceptable than swastikas, Nazism, and fascism; yet, the game-makers have no trouble glorifying the gore.

If you spend time glorifying war, people will want to fight in war. 

Image result for call of duty world at war screenshots
An example of a graphic event.

Censorship Should. Not. Exist.

Players are not brain-dead. If you don’t want your kids being exposed to this media, don’t buy it for them, it’s that simple.