Fun amusement parks to visit

This Spring and summer breaks are a perfect time to visit a theme park in Virginia.

  1. Busch Gardens- This is one of the biggest theme parks in our state. It has six major roller coasters and is described as one of the most beautiful parks because of its European touches. Live shows are also showcased. A wide variety of food options are also an important draw.

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    King’s Dominion’s ride “The Intimidator.”
  2. Kings Dominion- This is another large theme park. This park has 14 large roller coasters. There is a 20 acre waterpark which is a main attraction. They do an amazing job at decorating for holidays  such as Halloween and Christmas as well.
  3. Motor World- This park is located at Virginia Beach. There main attraction are go-carts, but they also have a ride called “Sky Coaster.” They feature games such as paintball and mini-golf.

Amusement parks are a fun way to get through the hot spring and summer days.  Take a chance and visit one of these places; get outside and enjoy your breaks.