VA District 6 Chorus Assessment

The CHS chorus will perform in the first ever VA District 6 Chorus Assessment on March 19, at Lynchburg College.

The VA District 6 Chorus Assessment consists of all the schools from Pittsylvania County, Halifax County, and some of the Danville City Schools. According to Mrs. Pamela Matherly, choral instructor, “Each choral group will be judged on tone, enunciation, posture, sound quality, and more.”

CHS students will leave the school at 7:30 AM and will return around 2:30 PM.

Mrs. Matherly, “There are going to be three judges who will listen to each choral group sing two songs each. Each choral group’s goal is to achieve a superior rating from the judges. Once each group is finished singing, they will be led to a room where they are tested on their sight-reading skills. Sight-reading is where a chorus group sings the scale, DO RE MI FA SOL LA TI DO.”

This story will be updated after the competition.