The Virginia Stay at Home Order

Recently, governor Ralph Northam implemented a temporary Stay at Home order. The purpose of this order is to protect the welfare of Virginians by making to where you can only leave your home for the essentials.

You can only leave home to get food from the grocery store, to go to a family members house, if you need immediate medical attention, if you’re an essential worker, traveling required by court, engaging in outdoor physical activity, traveling to and from an educational institution, or if you’re volunteering with organizations that provide charitable services.

Leaving your house for anything that isn’t considered essential or gathering in groups bigger than ten can be considered a Class 1 misdemeanor which is punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine up to $2,500.

The order, as of right now, is going to last until June 10th. Many teenagers are upset that their senior year and their summer plans are now being canceled, but they also understand that this is for the best.

Lauren Scearce, a senior at Chatham High School, said “I am extremely upset that my senior year can’t be completed. But, I also understand that people around the world are dying. And my senior year isn’t as important as the lives I can save by staying home.”

Many students have been trying to make the best of this situation by coming up with interesting activities to do while being quarantined.

Lindsey Mitchell, a senior at Chatham High School, said “I’ve been trying to make light of this dark situation by trying new hobbies I’ve never indulged in before. For example, I’ve been cooking a lot of new things lately. I thought of it as a new skill I can bring out of this stay at home order.”

While this is a sad situation for everyone, we can always think of ways to make it positive. We can also pray for those who have lost loved ones to this virus.