Digital Arts & Design Studies

A college major in digital arts & design might interest students here at CHS,  especially those who have interests ranging from the arts to the use of technology.

Digital arts & design is a course that teaches students how to create and design art using computers and specific programs.

A good example of a computer program used specifically for creating digital art is Adobe Photoshop.

“A great college for students who want to take digital arts & design as a course and major in it to attend would be DCC. The college is located in Danville for those interested in enrolling,” says Mr. Claridge, a guidance counselor here at CHS.

A student who plans to major in digital arts & design would need to take the course for two to three years, depending on the degree they want to pursue.

There are high school courses that will help prepare a student who wants to major in Digital Arts & Design. These especially include art, computer applications, and math classes such as Algebra I and geometry.

The degrees that are available for this major may include associates, bachelors, and masters degrees.

Job opportunities that are available for students who majored in digital arts & design would include graphic design, illustration, and multimedia design.

“Although I cannot name which high school graduates from previous graduating classes wanted to major in digital arts & design, there have been many who were interested,” said Clarridge. “I also cannot name students from the Class of 2021, but there are students who have shown and still show great interest in this particular major.”

For more information on this major, check out the DCC website.