To Mask or Not to Mask

Faculty and students are required to wear masks at school.

This mandate from the governor and the Dr. Mark Jones, superintendent, is not without controversy.

“Masks should be optional,” said junior Amanda Dalton. Some students think otherwise.

“I believe masks should be worn at all times, excluding eating, to avoid further spreading of the virus,” said Kota Amos, sophomore. “I feel much safer when people are wearing masks; not only is it protecting me, but it is also protecting the other students. I will be constantly anxious and unable to focus if I always felt unsafe and vulnerable to disease.” Still others believe that the masks worn by most people are ineffective.

Dalton believes that on estimate, “less than 30%” of students wear their masks in class consistently.” She also said, “Masks do not have enough science to back them up. They take away from the student body’s personal freedoms.” Her mask viewpoint, however, refers to only those who are vaccinated.  As Covid climb in the area, Dalton said, “It is a good idea for unvaccinated people to wear their masks inside to prevent catching and spreading the disease.”

The effectiveness of masks are also in question. “M95 masks are the most effective masks in my opinion,” Dalton says. “The micro-particles of COVID can easily pass through a surgical and cloth mask.”

The effectiveness of a mask can depend on how new it is or how long it has been used. The germs on an old, unwashed mask would possibly increase a students chance at catching a disease. Dalton said, “I almost never wash  my mask. I often forget to change it, and I will even wear it about seven days in a row.”