Chatham Obliterates Tunstall!

Chatham varsity football team destroyed Tunstall on September 13 at home. 

The final score was 30-0. Coach Neil Clarridge for the Cavs, said to the defensive and offensive teams, “Always have hands on and don’t go up field.” This strategy obviously worked. 

Chatham had a total of 264 yards and Tunstall had a total of 98 yards.

“The stars of the game were Dermont Kyle, junior, who had 109 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Kendall Sanders, junior, had two touchdowns and 44 rushing yards. Chancelor Long, senior, had 102 rushing yards. Mason Anderson, senior, had a touchdown pass to Zander Cornell, sophomore.

The Chatham defence was all over the Tunstall offence and held them to less than 100 total yards. Chatham’s offensive line dominated the Tunstall defence. 

Chatham head football coach Jack Turner, said, “Play physical, and don’t miss tackles.”