Tiktok Trend Taken Too Far

The Tiktok trend “devious licks” has caused problems at school,  but the consequences punish those who are not involved.

School authorities have shut down bathrooms and have threatened to ban personal bookbags if this trend continues.

“Devious licks” are and online trend that encourages students to steal and damage school property, specifically, in the public bathrooms. Until recently, many students and teachers have had no idea what the term even meant.

“I think that this trend shows how far people will go for attention, and it’s really scary and stupid,” says Amanda Dalton, junior.

Because of vandalism, student bathrooms have been closed until further notice in specific parts of the school which has caused inconvenience to both students and teachers. They now need extra time to find a bathroom on another floor and hallway due to the recklessness of pranksters who are taking things too far.

So far, the following items have disappeared from our school bathrooms: soap dispensers, paper towels and dispensers, toilet paper rolls, and even bathroom mirrors. Other area schools have reported even worse with missing desks, projectors, and computers.

Every video on TikTok is accompanied by a sound. These sounds can either be from the TikTok Sound Library or an Original Audio from the creator of the video. These sounds are played when the TikTok video shows a person engaging in the activity associated with it.

The main “sound” on Tiktok that has been used for displaying these licks has been banned after pressure on TikTok, but this has not stopped the thefts from continuing. The trend continues as new sounds come out to keep it alive.

Administrators are threatening to ban book bags if these destructive pranks do not stop. This ban would penalize the majority of students who are not actually the culprits. AP English teacher, Rachel Corwin, says,”There are consequences for actions. If we can all change peer pressure and do right there will be a positive outcome.”

While Corwin thinks the punishments are necessary, Dalton says that,”They [personal restrictions set by administration] take away from personal freedom. It almost feels like I am in preschool. Mass punishment is not the answer.”

Some are wondering if these attention-seeking students really understand the consequences of what they are doing. Corwin says,”I think they get what the consequences are, they just don’t care.” Dalton said, “They are immature and do not understand the consequences, or they do understand or just do not care.”

Dalton said, “As a whole, people need to evaluate the power given to social media.”