Fall Fashion

The cool temperatures call for wardrobe changes for most students.

The fall season when the nights get longer and the days get cooler are the perfect time to upgrade.

One of the most worn shoes during the fall season are Ugg boots; they come in a variation of styles, sizes and color. “During the fall, I like to wear bigger hoodies, long-sleeve undershirts, and boots,” said Miranda Young, junior.

Carissa Carter, senior, agrees. “I like to wear comfy clothes, sweatshirts, boots, etc., like darker colors and long sleeve shirts.”

Flannels are also very popular during the fall and winter seasons; many people pair them with a plain t-shirt or hoodie and just top them off with the flannel. Ramsey Ferrugia, junior said, “I like to wear anything warm and comfortable like hoodies, jackets, and sweatpants.”

Bubble coats are worn in the late days of November when the leaves start falling, and it’s getting closer to really cold weather.

Many people like to be comfortable when the weather gets chilly so they would rather wear sweatpants and hoodies. Others enjoy dressing up with dresses paired with boots and a scarf, sweaters, and fall-inspired clothes.