Homecoming Dance Yay or Nay

Homecoming is Fri., Oct. 8.

Covid has caused uncertainty as to exactly what Homecoming will entail. Last year’s homecoming and dance were both cancelled.

Students are opinionated as to what they want to happen.

“I would enjoy just the game to be honest; I don’t need a dance,” said Madison R. Moore, a senior.

“I really don’t care if we have a dance or not,” said, Kota Amos, sophomore.

“I don’t believe that people are aware of how much they are missing out on if we don’t have a the dance,” said Miranda Young, senior.  “Both seniors and juniors have already missed out on so many opportunities to have a homecoming dance because of the Coronavirus. It would be nice for the seniors to have one last opportunity to go to a homecoming dance. It would be nice for the seniors to have one last homecoming dance before the graduate from high school,” she said.

“I believe it would be nice to have a homecoming dance after not having it in a few years even though I won’t go,” Carissa Carter, senior,  said.

“I think the idea of a homecoming dance is nice,  but it could take away some of the funding from prom for upperclassmen,” said Ramsey Ferrugia, a junior.