Ten Things Some Hate about Fall

Fall often conjures images of pumpkin spice lattes, brilliant fall foliage, and flannel shirts, but there are things that people detest about the season.

(1) Personally, I don’t enjoy dragging firewood into the house because of bugs, heaviness, and splinters.

(2) “One thing I don’t like about fall is allergies; they make my head and throat stuffy,” said Carissa Carter, senior.

(3) “I hate how this season reminds me of when my papa died,” said Miranda Young, junior.

(4) Caroline Moore, senior, dislikes fall because, “I don’t like how the trees look without any leaves.”

(5) Another dislike was given Yashua Bridge ” I don’t like how the seasons change.”

(6) Chancity Wilson, senior, said “I hate raking leaves.”

(7) “I don’t like the way it gets cold, ” said Amanda Dalton, junior.

(8) “I don’t like Daylight Savings Time because I have sit outside in the dark waiting for the bus,” said Young.

(9) Aly Taylor said, “I hate carving pumpkins because it stinks and is gross. ”

(10) “Fall is my favorite season, but I dislike how capricious the weather is,” said Janet Bishop, English teacher.