Carowinds More Like Scarowinds

Carowinds is the place to go during the spooky season.

Carowinds becomes Scarowinds in October so that people can have fun and get scared in one visit. There are many attractions at Carowinds that will make you scream and laugh.

There are Scare Zones across the park. Some of the Scare Zones are Blood Yard, CarnEVIL, Deadman’s Landing, Raven’s Nest, Ripper Alley, The Hollow, Outlaw’s Revenge, and Grave Walkers.

People like to go for their mazes as well as the Scare Zones. There are multiple mazes across the park. They are The Reaping, Depths of Darkness, Slaughterhouse: The Final Cut, Tooth Fairy, and Silver Screams Studio: Condemned.

Some of the Scary Shows for viewing are The Queen’s Ball, Ghouling Pianos, and hard’t BEATZ.

Terrifying rides that are available all season and during Scarowinds are Boo Blasters on Boo Hill, Afterburn, Intimidator, Ricochet, Scrambler, Scream Weaver, The Flying Cobras, Vortex, Zephyr, Yo-Yo, WindSeeker, Southern Star, Slingshot, Rock ‘N’ Roller, Ripcord, Nighthawk, Mountain Gliders, Fury 325, Hurler, Electro-Spin, Drop Tower, Copperhead Strike, Do-Si-Do, Carolina Goldrusher, and Carolina Cyclone.

Scarowinds tickets are at least $39.99 each plus tax, the same as regular Carowinds tickets. Website tickets are that price; tickets purchased at the ticket booth at Carowinds  cost more. The website is