Six Types of Fall Flowers

Fall flowers give a bit of life to a season usually known for death.

(1) Chrysanthemum – The name comes from  Greek words “gold” and “flowers.”  The common name is “mums.” They were cultivated in China more than 3,000 years ago. Their flowers come in red, orange, yellow, pink, and white.

(2) Sweet Alyssum – Their genus name comes from the Greek word “small pod.” People grow them for their scent. They also tolerate cool weather.

(3) Aster – These flowers get their name from the Latin word for “star.” Most are native to Eurasia but, a couple are native to North America. They are one of the best flowers for hungry insects. Their flowers bloom in purple, pink, white, and blue.


(4) Celosia – These plants get their name from the Greek word keleos, which means burned.  They are durable. They come in many different colors from bright yellow to scarlet red or burgundy. pu

(5) Sunflowers – They are one of the best known species of flowers. They have a bright yellow color and a large size. They also can come rich orange and red hues.

6) Pansy – Pansies are often the first sign of spring. They grow in tidy mounds. They can come in every color of the rainbow.




“I have a love of flowers that I apply  to Life itself. Sometimes they look bad, but a little tender love and care will give them a look of New Life. Flowers are a prime example of growth and development,” said Margie Richardson.

“Pansies are my favorite fall flower. They look to be tender and fragile; however, they are very tough and resilient,” said Annette Rowles, school secretary.

“Of your six types of fall flowers, I like pansies the best,  because they continue to bloom even during the snow,” said  Mrs. Brandy Durham, art teacher.