Spirit Week Days

Students are eager to show their spirit and dress up for the differently themed days throughout the week.


Day 1: Lounge Day

Chancelor Long

2: Celebrity Day


Amondria Harris-Dr. Bailey-Grey’s Anatomy

Shawn-Nikki Minaj

Alex-Kevin Hart

Tyler Hoffman- The tiger on Tiger King

Samantha Woods- Joe Exotic- Tiger King

Abbi- Terry McClarin

Seth- An actor


Day 3: Western Day

Hannah Wilson

Kayleigh Harmon

Ashley White

Amanda Dalton

Lily Scarce

Mary Ross

Ava Miller

Day 4: Decade Day

Back row:

Ava Miller, Ava Wilson, Ashley White, Amanda Dalton, Brooke Lopez-Mahaley, Yashua Bridgeforth

Front row:

Mary Ross, Samiyah Royal, Lily Scarce, Audrey Erikson, Tasia Beck


Day 5: Spirit Day

Miranda Young

Carissa Carter

Amanda Dalton